Illustrated Glossary

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A stamp differing in some visible detail from the normal stamp such as a color variation or a minor flaw.

Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations

Perforations privately applied to imperforate stamps by companies such as the Attleboro Stamp Company, the Brinkerhoff Company, the Farwell Company, the International Vending Machine Co., the Mailometer Co., the Shermack Co., and the U.S. Automatic Vending Co. These privately perforated stamps were sold in coil format for use in vending machines as well as in affixing machines.

Vending Machine Stamps

Stamps produced specifically for use in coin-operated stamp vending machines.

Vertical Coil (Endwise Coil)

Coil stamps linked together endwise, that is the top of one stamp is connected to the bottom of the next. Note that vertical coils are perforated horizontally.

Vertical Pair, Imperforate Between

A pair of stamps that is fully perforated at the top, sides and bottom, but has no perforations between the stamps.


The central portion of a stamp design, surrounded by a border or frame. On the early mono-colored stamps the vignette and frame were printed in one pass. In the case of the bi-colored stamp at right, the frame was printed first and then the vignette.

Vin Fiz Flyer (Rogers Aerial Post)

A twenty-five cent black semi-postal U.S. stamp that bore the name of the grape soda made by the Armour Meat Packing Company, who sponsored the coast-to-coast flight in 1911. Only eleven copies are known.