Showgard Models

Showgard Model Series. The Showgard Model Series was a long running annual release of limited edition die cast models produced by Lledo of London featuring the Showgard livey which ran from 1985 until 2006. The first model, a London Double Bus was released in December 1985 in conjunction with the Ameripex International Stamp Show in Chicago. The models proved to be quite popular and for a number of years sold out quickly and soon escalated in price in the aftermarket.

The M14 Foden Steam Wagon released in 1999 was the last model produced in the UK as Lledo was sold to Corgi Toy and production was moved to China. The models continued to be popular for a few more years, but as time passed interest waned and 2006 saw the release of the last Showgard Model, a 1914 General Type Bus, similar to the first issue bringing the series to an end.

Beginning with #8, each model in Series 1 is accompanied by a numbered certificate. Model #14 did not contain a certificate, only 2850 models were produced. All models in Series I were produced in England by Lledo of London.

Showgard Model Series II (Series 2000) Models vary in length from 3- 3 ¾”*. Series II models were produced by the Lledo subsidiary of Corgi Toys in China.

The models below are still available from us though quantities are limited.